Are mortgage terms more important than rate?

Mortgage Tips Steve Marshall 23 Apr


Why are the terms more important than rate when it comes to a mortgage? Simple. Seven out of 10 Canadians break their mortgages prior to the renewal date. Taking the wrong mortgage when you could have qualified for a better one- is a costly mistake. The biggest mistake anyone can make is they don’t think Read More

Closing Costs

General Steve Marshall 19 Apr


Closing costs are a necessity when it comes to purchasing a home. They are not included in down payments, they are not included in monthly mortgage payments, nor are they included in the purchase price of a home, but you are still responsible for paying them, in full. Knowing they exist is half the battle, Read More

The Mortgage Insurance Market & Wholesale Lenders

General Steve Marshall 11 Apr


The Canadian mortgage market used to be very simple. We had the big banks, credit unions, and trust companies. However, almost 20 years ago, the Canadian government made three major changes to the Canadian mortgage industry. First, the government and CMHC put their weight behind Canadian mortgages by guaranteeing an insurance payout to lenders in Read More

Top 5 Things To Consider When Building Your New Home

General Steve Marshall 9 Apr

Building a new home – It’s something that many couples dream of. It can be an exciting, stressful, joyful, crazy time period that many walk away from saying “never again” or “bring on the next one!” We scoured the internet and sorted through our own experiences to bring you the Top 5 things to consider Read More

4 Smart Features that will boost the value of your property

General Steve Marshall 5 Apr


People have a lot of different ideas on how they want their home to look. Some want a modern look while others like traditional cottages. But one thing that more and more people want is smart technology in their homes. This adds value and desirability to your home making it easier to sell for the Read More

Bank Broker vs. Mortgage Brokers | Here’s the Scoop

General Steve Marshall 3 Apr


Ask any mortgage broker and they can tell you that there are a handful of misconceptions that the public has about working with a mortgage broker. From questioning their credentials (we all are regulated and licensed with in our own province, and are constantly re-educating ourselves) to assuming that the broker does not have access Read More