Mortgage Tips Steve Marshall 11 Dec

If you have a mortgage, you’ll be completing a mortgage renewal when your current term has finished. While most Canadians spend a lot of time and expend tons of effort shopping for an initial mortgage, the same is generally not the case when looking at mortgage renewals. So what is a mortgage renewal? Mortgages terms Read More


Mortgage Tips Steve Marshall 2 Dec

One of the decisions you will need to make before your new mortgage is set up, is what kind of payment frequency you would like to have. For many, sticking to a monthly payment is the default, however, different frequencies may end up saving you less interest over time. Monthly Payments Monthly payments are exactly Read More


Mortgage Tips Steve Marshall 8 Nov

Whether you are buying your first home or have been a home owner for years, when you are looking at purchasing a property, finding the best mortgage solution for your specific situation can be an intimidating experience. Working with a licenced mortgage broker will ease that tension, along with knowing the basics of what lenders Read More


Mortgage Tips Steve Marshall 23 Oct

Throughout the mortgage and home buying process, there are many steps and many checkpoints a buyer will need to complete before they can move on to the next one. A buyer will not be able to close on a purchase if they do not have a lawyer. Financing conditions need to be lifted after confirmation Read More

Fixed Rates Outweighing Variable

Mortgage Tips Steve Marshall 30 Sep

We are currently in a very unique situation when it comes to 5-year fixed and 5-year variable interest rates. For the first time in almost a decade, the lowest 5-year fixed interest rate is more than 0.30% lower than the lowest available variable interest rate for new mortgages. For some, their current variable rate is Read More

4 Ways to Make the Mortgage Process Smoother

Mortgage Tips Steve Marshall 13 Sep

Mortgages are complicated—we get it! But there are steps that you as a homebuyer can take to make the process a much smoother one (plus let you walk away with the sharpest rate!) 1. Use a Broker This should be the first step you take when getting a mortgage! Enlisting a trusted broker to work Read More

Raise your credit score in 3 months

Mortgage Tips Steve Marshall 12 Sep

While people often think of mortgage brokers when they are first time home buyers, we can help people in a variety of different ways. Recently Garrett LaBarre of Calvert Home Mortgages in Calgary shared a success story with brokers. He had a client referred to him by a mortgage broker who had a conundrum. She Read More

Mortgage Strategies: Take Me Out to the Ball Game!

Mortgage Tips Steve Marshall 11 Sep

While most people start off their mortgage search by going after the lowest rate, what they are really after is the mortgage with the lowest cost. Then again, the majority of borrowers in Canada end up with a mortgage that is not the lowest rate nor the lowest cost. Strike 1! Whether borrowers realize it Read More