4 Reasons why Mortgage Brokers are Better than Banks

Mortgage Tips Steve Marshall 29 Nov


I am often asked if it’s hard to compete with the banks. While they may offer competitive rates at times, right now we have much better rates than the banks. However, we have certain advantages which allow us to blow them out of the water most of the time. More Choice – banks are limited Read More

Rates On The Rise Both Variable & Fixed

Mortgage Tips Steve Marshall 26 Oct

With the Bank of Canada in a mood to raise rates, it’s a similar feeling for the bond market, which impacts fixed rates. In every interest-rate market there are many factors leading to an increase and we are hoping to provide a little bit of clarity on what is happening and what it means to Read More

Mortgage Switches and Transfers

Mortgage Tips Steve Marshall 26 Sep


Mortgage switches and transfers are becoming one of the more popular sources of revenue for certain lenders which means great incentives for borrowers as the banks and financial institutions fight for your business. When your mortgage is up for renewal, your lender will typically send you a letter either 6-months or 120 days before your Read More

What does a “Rate Hike” actually mean?

Mortgage Tips Steve Marshall 2 May

TD Bank has increased it’s posted rates and RBC did the same on Monday. This increase, from 5.14% to 5.59% at TD, is the “biggest move in years.” The change came because of the bond yields increasing. We do expect every other lender to follow suit. But, actual interest rates have not changed… so what Read More

Are mortgage terms more important than rate?

Mortgage Tips Steve Marshall 23 Apr


Why are the terms more important than rate when it comes to a mortgage? Simple. Seven out of 10 Canadians break their mortgages prior to the renewal date. Taking the wrong mortgage when you could have qualified for a better one- is a costly mistake. The biggest mistake anyone can make is they don’t think Read More

The Most Important Question This Spring

Mortgage Tips Steve Marshall 29 Mar


Short Version: The most important question a home-seller must ask their Broker or their banker this Spring: ‘Do I QUALIFY to port my mortgage?’ You must re-qualify to port your mortgage to a new property, and you must re-qualify under stringent new rules. How stringent? Long Version: Let’s say you have impeccable credit, a $100,000 Read More

Refinancing in 2018

Mortgage Tips Steve Marshall 15 Mar


Recently there were changes to the mortgage rules yet again, and one of the rule changes was regarding refinancing your home. At one point in the last 10 years you could refinance your home all the way back up to 95% of its current value, which in many cases has put that property what we Read More

What you need to know before you renew your mortgage

Mortgage Tips Steve Marshall 9 Mar

What you need to know before you renew your mortgage could save you thousands of dollars. Is your mortgage on your home or other properties maturing in 2018? Typically you will receive your mortgage renewal notice from your current lender 3-4 months in advance of the renewal date. Sometimes you may receive an offer for Read More

Time For A Mortgage Renewal

Mortgage Tips Steve Marshall 8 Mar


Is your mortgage coming up for renewal this year? There is a good chance that you or someone know has a mortgage coming due. Some 47% of Canadians, almost one out of every two households, that currently have financing in place will mature within the next 12 months with a major lender in Canada. Here Read More